"Letter from Rabbi Yitzchok Zilber zt"l From the Year 2001"
I am very happy that there are Jews in America who want to come closer to Torah and keep mitzvos. May G-d grant them success.I would like to note that our father Yaakov before his death wanted to say when the golus will end, and forgot. Apparently, Hashem did not want this. For, had it be known 1,000 years ago, many would not have held out…"And he said: Come and listen children of Yaakov, and listen to your father Yisroel." Bereishis 49, posuk 2.
What did he say? I forgot when Moshiach will come.But how we can muster the patience and desire to wait for the coming of Moshiach, I will tell you: Wherever the Jews may be, be in Soviet camps, or at the North pole, or wherever it may be – Jews must always get together with Jews and speak about what they remember from Judaism. This will give strength! "Come and listen children of Yaakov" – but listen to what? And listen to your father Yisroel, to what he taught.
I wish you a long life and success.
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