This inspiring lecture by Rav Dror teaches an incredibly valuable lesson - how to feel your soul. In today’s fast paced world, with a million options and a million and one opinions, people often find themselves very spiritually and emotionally lost, and very spiritually and emotionally disconnected. What is going on?
Where is the problem and what is the solution?
The problem is that when people were young, they let their souls shine. But people didn’t like their souls, because by definition their souls were different than everyone else’s, so they advised them and guided them to change what they show of themselves. They were old that they’re fat, that they’re short, that they’re dumb, that they’re too into this, or they’re too into that, that they’re too different, that they’re too normal and boring, that they’re too nice, that they’re too optimistic, and endless other criticisms of their personality and soul. But the truth is, that we need to come back to that inner happiness, that inner free child. Challenges and advice and outlooks and perspectives have blocked the true light of our souls from shining. And how do you know where the real deep purpose of your souls is?
In the part of your souls that is the darkest. In the place where you struggle the most, where most of your demons lie, where you have the worst and strongest negative traits and desires. That is why the forces of evil, the yetzer hara, (the evil inclination, satan, the devil, whatever you want to call him) put the most power into fighting you in that area. because he knows that is where your greatest spiritual strengths lie, and he wants to be 100% sure that you don’t succeed in those areas. Love yourself, express yourself, and you will love your soul. So there you have it, that is the fantastic way to really feel your soul. Love yourself, and you will love your soul,
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