FMBRO - the biggest community of travelers, who are willing to deliver things for other people. Our support team for users, modern web and app, together with a quickly growing community of users make FMBRO an unique platform for economic and effective traveling for millions of users around the world.
Requests can be of any kind. Everything depends on your needs and wishes. For example, «Who travels from Germany - brings the best German beer». And when somebody flies from Shanghai - it's a good opportunity to bring electronics. Somebody can bring good quality medication from the USA. etc.
You can deliver things for free or you can choose «money reward» for your activity.
Everybody has moments in life when one wants to make some extra money while traveling, or just wants to make a good deed for humanity, or there are situations in life when one needs to send/receive an urgent package from one country or city to other. Definitely YES! For such cause this platform was created.
We consider FMBRO the easiest way to provide services for other people. We give you new experiences, friendships and stories of helping each other in critical situations.